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Travel insurance is an essential protective shield that protects travellers from unforeseen events. Whether you are intending to travel solo or with your family, it’s a good idea to buy travel insurance online and make your overseas journey peaceful. The best travel insurance policy ensures to cover all the expenses occurred as a result of unexpected events including medical emergencies, flight accidents, trip cancellation, lost luggage, or theft while travelling across borders.

Planning a perfect overseas trip is a smart process hence you need to give attention to even little things. While planning your trip, give a priority to your travel insurance policy, and make your international journey safe & smooth. Sometimes, you skip important elements and regret later on. Do not let annoying events spoil your overseas trip or make you out of the pocket.

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Yes, you should buy travel insurance before starting your travel. Be sure that you choose the best travel insurance plan. Some of the travellers usually choose cheap travel insurance plans and consequently compromise with the features. It’s always recommended to compare travel insurance plans and choose the best plan without considering the little variation of prices.

Buy travel insurance from Tugo Canada

iA Travel Insurance is provided in strategic partnership with Tugo. You can rely on Tugo who is one of the best travel insurance companies in Canada.  Tugo travel insurance is packed with all the features that are required while travelling overseas. Whether you are a student who’s intending to study in Canada, a Canadian senior, a visitor to Canada, a frequent traveller or a yearly adventurer, Tugo offers the ultimate protective shield that suits your requirements.

Travel Insurance Plans

Buy Travel Insurance from Canada with Just a Few Clicks

Check above mentioned travel insurance plans that are specially designed by keeping a focus on the requirements of different travellers. After selecting the travel insurance plan, get a free quote, and proceed to buy travel insurance online. You do not need to visit anywhere; all the policy documents will be sent to your email.

If you need assistance for buying travel insurance, you can get in touch with us, we will assist you in the best possible manner.