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Student Travel Insurance

Students who plan to study abroad and take an advantage of thousands of opportunities need to plan their travel carefully because they may face unavoidable circumstances such as medical emergency, missing a flight, flight delay, loss of passport or other important belongings. To cope with such kind of situations, students must opt in the best international student travel insurance.

Why do you need to buy Student Travel Insurance?

Whether you are a Canadian student intending to study abroad or an international student studying in Canada, medical expenses in foreign currency and hospitalization can disturb your budget. Without, the best student travel health insurance policy, meeting such unpredicted expenses could be a nightmare. That’s why you should buy Student Travel Insurance and concentrate on your studies without any tension.

iA Travel Insurance offers cheap and best travel insurance for students. You can get an online quote and compare travel insurance plans before buying student travel insurance.

Insurance for Canadian Students Studying Abroad

Canadian students who are planning to study abroad should know the fact that they will not get full benefits of provincial medical health plan when they travel. If they face medical issues, they are liable to pay the bills of the hospital from their own pocket. Because of this, most of the schools nowadays demand medical insurance plan before starting the classes.

The students are recommended to buy the Student travel health insurance policy plans if they are intending to start higher education abroad.

Insurance for International Students Studying in Canada

It’s always recommended to buy a student travel insurance policy in case you are coming to Canada on a student visa. For this, you can always rely on the best insurance company of Canada i.e. Industrial Alliance who takes care of your medical needs as well as provide a shield to protect you from other emergencies and losses. Getting sick due to campus flu outbreak, a dental issue or injured away from the comforts of home can be especially stressful and Student Travel Insurance policy ensures your smooth stay in Canada.

Get a quote for Student Travel Insurance

In case of medical emergencies while travelling or when you are away from home, we offer you comprehensive coverage. We ensure the best health care facilities at the place wherever you are. Your provincial health care plans don’t provide you full benefits while you are travelling, they just cover less than 10% of medical bills. If you don’t buy medical travel insurance from a private insurance company, you have to pay all the bills from your own pocket for emergency dental services, ambulance service, doctor prescriptions, X-rays, emergency air transportation, return of your travel companion and more. To cope with such upward situations, we provide best travel insurance with the maximum coverage of five million dollars.

Accidents are unpredictable which can disturb the financial security of any person. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance helps to ensure the protection of the traveller’s family in case of an accident that results in death or serious injury. It’s available as a Single or Multi-Trip Policy. The insurer, whether he/she is a Canadian resident or a visitor to Canada, is recommended to buy Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) to make sure his/her loved ones will be taken care in case of any unfortunate event.

AD&D insurance covers you in case of injury while you are travelling on an airplane, helicopter, bus, train or boat as a fare-paying passenger.