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Travel Insurance Claims

In insurance field, buy after sales service we mean an unfortunate situation in which you need to apply for a claim against your Travel Insurance with us.

We would like to make it a point that we have one of the highest claim settlement ratio in the industry making us one of the most preferred travel insurance company. Our more than four million satisfied customers can vouch for us about claim handling processes. Our customer support service representatives are highly trained to solve the claim related queries and other important situations that may arise while you’re travelling.

We coordinate our clients for filing a Claim for Travel Insurance at iA. We do our best to make claim process as simple as possible. There are several visitor medical insurance plans and every plan has its own specified features as well as conditions, hence we always suggest you buy Travel Health Insurance Plan that suits your needs. You should be aware how your plan will work so that you don’t face any problem when you claim it.

iA Travel Insurance protects you from the expenses arise due to uncertain events and ensure to take care of your family members or loved ones in case of your death or disability caused by an accident while travelling.

If you want to get an insurance plan from a company with a higher ratio of claim settlement then you are recommended to choose iA. You can compare Travel Insurance plans online before buying the policy plan. The best and cheapest Travel Insurance is offered by one of the top insurance companies in Canada that is Industrial Alliance.

You can get online Travel Insurance quotes and select the plan with maximum features. Whether you’re a visitor to Canada, an International student intending to study in Canada, Canadian senior or snowbird, don’t forget to get Trip Medical Health Insurance Coverage before preparing for your trip. You can save thousands of dollars if you buy the best travel health insurance from a reliable insurance company of Canada.

We ensure you to provide best claim services. You can submit your Travel Insurance claim online, by phone or in-person.

Process to Claim Travel Insurance Online

Sign Up & login at MyTuGo

Start a claim & fill out forms

Provide receipts and documents

Mail your documents

Travel Insurance Claim Tips


  • When you’re planning a trip to overseas, Trip Insurance coverage becomes essential for you. We are suggesting some of the tips that can help you for filing Travel Insurance claim in case of an unavoidable incident.
  • There are Travel Medical Insurance coverage plans with different features and terms & conditions, therefore you should understand your travel insurance policy properly. You should be aware how your plan works and if you need to claim the policy, how much expenses will be covered.
  • Keep the copy of your Trip Insurance documents with you while travelling and don’t forget to keep all receipts as well as evidence of loss or damage that would be required to submit while making claim.
  • Always save emergency contact numbers. It’s recommended to share your Travel Health Insurance policy details with your family & friends so that they can claim if you are not conscious.
  • Report to Travel Insurance company quickly when something wrong happens to you as some companies have deadline period for claims.

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Travel Insurance Claim FAQs

How long will it take to process my claim?
Since every claim is different, we work with a number of different providers to resolve your claim. The more parties involved, the longer it could take. However, know that we’re committed to processing your claim as quickly as possible!

On your behalf, we’ll coordinate with:

  • Your attending physician (when the emergency happened)
  • Your family doctor (at home)
  • Other providers (i.e., chiropractors, dentists, etc.)
  • Travel/transportation providers
    Your car insurance provider
How can I help speed up this process?

Here are some tips to help expedite the process:

  • Submit your original claim forms to us within 60 days of opening the claim.
  • Make sure you provide all original, itemized receipts including:
    • Your full name
    • Date(s) of service
    • Amount charged
    • Type of service/diagnosis
    • Prescriptions with the original pharmacy prescription receipt, not the till or credit card receipt
  • Make sure you’ve signed all required documents
Why are there so many forms?

No one likes paperwork, but we need some important details in order to get your claim processed. We’ll help you get the necessary forms, so you don’t have to track it all down yourself.

On your behalf, we coordinate with a number of parties and each one has its own requirements:

  • The policy Underwriter requires your completed claim form to confirm the claim has been submitted. They need original documents, so your claim can be fairly and accurately assessed. The decision to pay or decline your claim will be based in part on this information.
  • Provincial Healthcare plans require certain forms to be completed and returned to them. Completing and returning these forms helps expedite the process.
  • Other Insurers (employment/ retirement/other healthcare plans, credit card companies, etc.) require an Assignment of Payment. By coordinating with these insurers to whom a premium may already have been paid, we ensure your travel insurance premiums remain low.
Do I need to fill out each form that’s sent to me?

Yes. Each form must be completed in full, regardless of the amount of your claim. Incomplete information may result in a delay. Therefore, it’s suggested to submit the completed form.

Can I submit a copy, instead of an original bill?

No, we need original, itemized bills. However, we suggest you keep a copy for your records.

What if my bills are in a foreign language?

Don’t worry, we’ll translate them for you! All you have to do is provide all the original documents/receipts you have. However, if you wish to translate them before sending them in, feel free to do so.

How long do I have to send in all my forms? What is the deadline?
  • Forms should be sent within 60 days of opening the claim.
  • Provincial healthcare plans have tight deadlines for submitting claims. Since we coordinate with these plans on your behalf, if we don’t receive your forms within 60 days of the treatment/loss, your reimbursement could be limited.
  • You have up to one year after the treatment/loss date to submit all your forms and other paperwork to us. After that, your claim is permanently closed.
What should I do if I receive a bill/statement after I've submitted my claim forms?

Many US medical providers send automatic statements every 30 days to you, without informing us. If you receive any additional bills/statements showing an outstanding balance, just let us know. We’ll resolve this issue on your behalf.

Who signs the Medical Authority section, and why?
  • If you’re making the claim, you’ll need to sign this section.
  • For minors, the legal guardian must sign this section.
  • If you’re signing on behalf of the traveller, you’ll need to include a copy of the Power of Attorney, to show you’re legally authorized to do so.
  • This Authority is needed to request your medical information in order to fairly and accurately evaluate your claim.
  • To coordinate with provincial healthcare plans, the Ministry also requires this Authority.
  • If this section isn’t signed, it will delay the processing of your claim.
Why do you need my employer/retirement/other insurance information?
  • In order to keep travel insurance premiums as low as possible, it’s necessary to share the cost of your claim with other insurers to which a premium has already been paid.
  • Employers often provide extended health benefits to employees and these benefits often continue into retirement. Since travel insurance supplements your other insurance coverages, you’ll need to share this information with us to process your claim.
  • If you (or your spouse) don’t have extended healthcare, or benefits available through another travel insurance plan, travel supplier or credit card, you must sign to acknowledge this.
Who needs to complete the Assignment of Payment section?

You’ll need to complete it, if you have other insurance through a group benefits plan, credit card, etc. However, if your spouse is the primary policyholder, he/she will need to sign it.

Do I need to complete the Out-of-Country Claim Form for the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of BC?

If you’re a BC resident and were hospitalized overnight outside the province, MSP requires this additional form. You’ll only need to complete Section A, and we’ll complete the rest for you.