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Why buy Travel Insurance from Industrial Alliance?

Industrial Alliance is one of the best and biggest Canadian insurance companies who cover all the expenses in case of medical emergencies, flight accident, trip cancellation, lost luggage or theft while you are travelling across borders or to neighbouring province in Canada. Whether you are a student who’s intending to study in Canada, a Canadian senior, a visitor to Canada, a frequent flyer or a yearly adventurer, a protective shield must be there when you are away from home.

Before starting your journey, you should opt in for travel insurance from your reliable and trustworthy Industrial Alliance company. Our travel insurance plans are customized in such a way that they suit vast majority of people’s need. Our plans are suitable for high risk cover customers as well as customers with minimum risk cover requirements. iA Travel Insurance plans are specially intended for the students studying in Canada, Canadian students studying in other countries, visitors to Canada and Canadian resident travelling other provinces like Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec etc.

You can trust IA Travel Insurance

iA Financial Group was founded in 1892. Being a 125 years old company, iA Financials has come along way in providing safe & secure insurance services to the vast majority of Canadians and International clients. From a moderate start, iA now ranks among Canada’s largest and most prominent insurance companies. Moreover, iA Financial Group is known for financial stability and flexibility. It has positioned itself as a major & well-known player in the industry of financial services.

Travel insurance is one of the sectors where Industrial Alliance has solidified its base. Having one of the highest claim settlement ratios, iA Travel plans helped Industrial Alliance to achieve a leadership position in this sector.

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Years old company

Billion dollar in assets

Million+ happy clients

Industrial Alliance offers 24/7 emergency assistance and multilingual customer service. Industrial Alliance’s advisors & team don’t ask medical questions from the travellers under 60 and on the other side, there is simple medical health questionnaire for travellers who are above 60. We also offer competitive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

iA Travel Insurance ensures your hassle-free travelling by offering single trip as well as multi-trip travel insurance. Be sure to take a safeguard for you and your loved ones while moving to Canada for holiday or business purpose as despite all the careful trip planning, there may be unforeseen events which cannot be controlled. Industrial Alliance provides comprehensive cover during your abroad trip and saves you from being out-of-pocket during medical emergencies.

So, don’t delay while choosing the best and affordable travel insurance that meets your requirements. You can get the best online Industrial Alliance Travel Insurance quote and start your journey with peace of mind.